Bing Bunny is Banned!

IMG_0497Ok so that’s like a headline you get in the tabloids, he’s not banned totally, just the DVD’s.  We have noticed that Oliver’s speech has improved recently- not chatting in a conversation way but when he has been playing he has been jabbering to himself using more words than his usual noises.  Playing in the sandpit we’d build a castle then he’d put a flag on it then fall on it and say “oh Pando!” from the episode where Pando falls onto Bings giant sandcastle.  When playing with his Bing toys they would do things rather than just standing in a line.

However things took a different turn when he started throwing books into the bath or washing up water (whatever was most convenient at the time), started widdling on the floor and taking things off his younger sister-just for example.  We watched the swing episode together and then watched others as the swing episode showed us something we didn’t expect – the naughty person was never told off and in fact his behaviour was not even slightly discouraged. The basic premise is that Bing is on the swing, Pando comes and wants a turn so they agree that after counting to ten Pando can have a turn then it’s Bings turn again.  However the little miscreant Pando does not stick to the deal and starts messing about and the worst thing is that his minder, Padget, enables his behaviour.  SHE CARRIES ON PUSHING HIM!  She carries on pushing him whilst saying “come on it’s Bing’s turn”.  Why?  Just stop pushing him and tell him to get off.  But wait- it gets worse.  Bing is by this time totally fed up so runs to the swing in the hopes of pushing Pando off and gets hit with the swing.  Bing then gets a lecture on HIS behaviour! He shouldn’t have tried to seek justice, but no one tells Pando off or tells Padget she needs to sort Pando out!

Anyway watching more episodes (I’m all Binged out now) no one ever gets told off.  It’s always that’s ok, never mind, don’t worry about it.  Now I’m sorry but where are the consequences for their actions? Even at nursery my kids have a thinking board.  If they hurt someone or do something not nice, they get their name on the thinking board and told why it’s there.  And they are a similar age to the Bing characters.  Peppa Pig gets told off if she’s mean.  Ben gets mad at Holly when she upsets him and she apologises.  Why does Flop not tell Bing off for ruining Sula’s mural? Ok there are some good points too like don’t mess with geese which is a valuable life lesson but unfortunately my son has decided to pick out all the wrong behaviours so for now there’ll be no more watching Bing!  He can keep the toys and we’ll try again when he’s a bit older for the dvd’s- the books he chose to “bath” are dead- maybe we should put them in the bye bye box ;-p


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