Manchester-My city

IMG_0865This morning I awoke to the news that a bomb had gone off after a concert at the MEN.  A concert attended by children and tweens who make up a lot of the fanbase.  22 dead including children.  Many more in hospital.  Emergency services did a grand job, as did the people of Manchester, opening doors to those stranded, taxis offering free rides home, even taxi drivers from Liverpool came to help.  It makes me proud to be a Mancunian, seeing the response to such a disaster.  The sharing of those missing on social media makes me choke back tears, how awful to not know where your loved one is.  I am a mum and not being able to get in touch with my child after that would drive me insane and break my heart.  I know it’s only clicking “share” but it shows that people do care and want to help even in a small way.

I don’t understand how attacking civilians is ever justified.  How would that help people rally to your cause?  How can you think that killing children and innocents will give you a pass into heaven? It makes no sense.

I remember the 80’s when my city of Manchester was hit by the IRA.  We rebuilt, we came together and we can not be defeated.  I was watching an interview with a taxi driver on the news and he said “we’re like glue, we stick together, WE’RE Manchester” and we are.

Obviously there are grieving families out there today, never thinking their loved one would not be coming home from a concert.  My heart bleeds for them and I pray they have the strength to get through this- I don’t know how you “get through” something like this but I hope they know how much love and support is there for them.  And it’s not just from us- it’s the whole country and the world.  I remember watching the aftermath of the London stabbing just a while ago and seeing how the world came together to support everyone involved.  It gives me faith that we are still human and our differences do not matter when it comes to something on this scale- humanity wins.

Our Arndale centre has just been evacuated, a bomb threat.  My aunt works in town and I’ve asked her to come home.  Stupid really to ask a northerner to leave- she’s more stubborn than me!  My daughters friend lost someone last night.  I’ve spoken to her, she’s in shock and they are still trying to get in touch with others who were there.

Our prayers are with the families of everyone involved and our thanks go to everyone who, without knowing if it was over, went to the aid of so many in need.  Bravery comes in many guises and are often never acknowledged.  The people of Manchester showed once again how brave and selfless we really can be.

I just hope and pray that this is the last time this happens and the world works together to stop this.  We can’t allow this to divide our communities further, we can’t look at our neighbours with suspicion.  We need to stand together against these people who use whatever they can as an excuse to murder.  Standing together regardless of class, creed or colour will show them they can’t divide and conquer.  They can not win.



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