Weekly round up

First off Max has had a look around his potential new placement. It’s a day service based near to home with a package tailored to his needs. He is going for a half day trial next week to see how he feels. He won’t have a 1-to-1 which I’m pleased about as hopefully he’ll be encouraged to do more for himself and make his own decisions. Obviously if he doesn’t like it, we will look for something else. It’s got to be right for him.

Oliver has had his DLA rejected again. We now have to file something official , it’s all changed since I did Max’s appeals. I’ve spoken to his GP who is astounded and is going to write us a letter to send as evidence. They seem to have got it into their heads that he has promethazine during the day and with appropriate aids he can be left at night. I told my doctor what they said but he said gagging him and strapping him to a bed is not ethical. I seriously doubt they’ve read anything I’ve written.

To cheer himself up, Oliver decided that the toilet was the best place to play and I have fished out a tennis ball and a pebble. I didn’t manage to get the rubber duck which blocked the toilet. He then decided to do a poo in the blocked toilet so you can imagine the fun we’ve had this evening. It was not a pleasant job.

Popples is doing well and will be getting an award at the well done assembly on Thursday. She’s 3 and knows everything. She’s looking forward to church on Sunday as there will be a real donkey for Palm Sunday. Her sister is due a baby in May and she keeps asking when Emily is going to get a donkey. If you have a baby you have to go on a donkey before it comes out. I think she is going to try to get the donkey for her sister on Sunday.

Yes I’m going to be a grandma. I don’t feel old enough to be one but I didn’t have much say. They haven’t found out what they’re having but I’m betting girl. I have a pound riding on it.

So it’s been a mixed bag kind of week. I’m hoping for an easy evening and four hours sleep. Hubby is cooking for me so that’s one less stress and as he’s been out working the last 2 evenings I’m hoping to bump bedtime story time to him too. Ooh just remembered I have mother’s day chocolate still to eat, the evening is looking better all the time 😉



  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going to have to challenge their DLA decision – I do wonder if they read anything we wrote when we did Husband’s PIP application. I hope it gets resolved for you soon. We are in March now and we still haven’t even had a court date yet (applied in May 2017).


    • They haven’t even had time to look at everything again. They must have just sent an automatic reply the day after. We lose child tax now aswell. Just feel like crying but I know I can’t as I won’t stop.
      I don’t know who these people are? Is there anyone medical in these places or is it literally a tick box exercise? Don’t know how you’ve kept on so long. And does any one really wonder why mental health problems are on the rise? X


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