Tonight is a very exciting time. It’s Eurovision!!! I know a lot of people think it’s cheesy and fixed to a degree with friendly countries giving each other the coveted 12 points but as a viewer I don’t really care.

It’s been ages since we won. It’s claimed to be political but considering the songs we’ve submitted recently I think it’s more the poor quality that has let us down. This years is no exception in my opinion. It’s a nothing song.

I love the spirit of Eurovision. It’s all of Europe coming together to celebrate music (ha!) and each other’s culture and it’s fabulous to see so much love and happiness instead of the hatred and bickering we see on the news. With Brexit, there are new calls to withdraw from the competition as we put a lot of money into it, but I think there would be very glittery riots if that happened. There are Eurovision parties going on everywhere, drinking games, food consumed, score cards printed and everyone is suddenly an expert on what constitutes a good entry. For me it’s a performance with pyrotechnics, a fist of power, wind machines and traditional dress. Oh and a really catchy song. I voted for a song entitled “we are the winners” a few years ago. It was simple but brilliant. I’d post a link but I’m not sure if it’s allowed or even how to do it. I usually support Azerbaijan but they’ve been knocked out so I’m thinking Moldova this year.

My husband never watched Eurovision til he met me and his choice for that Saturday was seeing me and watching Eurovision or not seeing me and he chose the former. And to show he knew how much it meant to me, he made flags of every country who entered and made bunting out of them. We still have them, 10 years on. Sometimes we make national dishes for the evening but this year we are having a curry and mojitos. It’s been a busy time so it’s a night for chilling. Eldest and her husband coming round too. I’ve told her if she goes into labour tonight she’ll be going into hospital on her own til Eurovision is finished 😂.

The controversy was when Australia were somehow allowed to enter, something to do with broadcasting companies. I think we were jealous they did better than us but everyone loves Australia!

If you haven’t watched it, you should give it a go. It’s a fun night for most of Europe and I think with new televisions there’s an option to put on song lyrics so you can sing along.

Now I must go make my score cards. Happy Eurovision day!


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