DLA The final

As you may know we have been fighting the DWP in regards to Oliver’s disability. They downgraded him, we disagreed. We appealed, they dismissed us. We filed for tribunal and got letter of support from our doctor and I dug out all relevant information from his vast file. We sent off photocopies of prescriptions, the letter, a further explanation in what we have tried, an explanation of his presentation of autism, EHC’s ……in short everything!

Our appeal was accepted by the court and we were told to await a date and information on court choices closer to us. We decided that we would go wherever gave us a date first.

Today I received a letter from the DWP stating they have changed their minds and have awarded Oliver the high rate of care component and low rate of mobility. So we don’t have to go to tribunal now.

From speaking to some parents about this I found that a lot of ASD kids had been downgraded in the dla scheme and the parents were just too exhausted to fight anymore. Is that what they are relying on? Parents not having the energy to fight to save the government a few quid? They have the money for weapons and HS2 which we don’t need but not the money for the vulnerable in society. I don’t blame the parents, God knows I felt like giving up, we have enough to do without having to fight for every last thing our children need but it was the principle of the thing. How can someone who has no knowledge decide on my child’s disability?

For us we would have taken it all the way with the risk of losing. It was important to have our voice heard but it was more important to have Oliver’s voice heard, the challenges he faces daily, the help he needs to become all he can be. I choose which battles to fight now, there are too many to take them all on and I can’t physically or mentally fight them all. I triage them; what he absolutely needs, what he’d like, what we’d like if we didn’t know about the current climate of cutbacks. I’ll probably get it wrong at some point, maybe already have. But I try my hardest every day for him and he tries even harder than me.



  1. Thank you for your update and I am so pleased for you that they (somehow, somewhere) saw sense and gave you what you needed and are entitled to without having to go to tribunal.
    How long is the award for? Will Oliver have to be reassessed again in a few years? I do agree – I feel like they’ve deliberately designed the application process so that it discourages people from a. applying in the first place and b. daren’t challenge it if they disagree with a decision as it’s souldestroying to do.
    This week has been an anniversary of sorts for us as it was in the 21st of May last year I started our PIP quest by calling up and starting Husband’s claim. So it has now been over a year since we begun this and we have yet to receive a court date for our tribunal hearing.


    • Reassessed in 6 years so when he’s ready for high school.
      When we received our court acceptance they said we’d get a date within 6 months so why is yours taking so long? I wonder if adult services are overwhelmed with appeals. Or if they’re hoping you just go away. I can only imagine the stress and frustration, we were bad enough over this comparatively short period!
      Here’s hoping you hear something positive soon, I’m sure once you are in front of an independent panel that contains an actual medical professional you’ll have a chance at least, to get someone to understand. X

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