It’s coming home! (Hopefully)

Normally around this time, I’m settled with the tennis. Every year I become zombie like, grunting responses to questions unless they are about Wimbledon. This year it is different. The World Cup is on and it takes precedence because it’s only on every four years so I’ve graciously allowed the husband to set the tv schedule. See how I’m getting to grips with this compromise stuff πŸ˜‚

I always support Portugal. I always have. I’ve even got a couple of football tops to wear on the occasions they play. My husband, being part Italian usually supports them. They didn’t qualify this year though so he supported England from the start, even has a pound on it in a family bet! Lots of the big teams didn’t qualify this year or have gone home early, including my beloved Portugal so I got on board with supporting our team. I will always support home nations anyway alongside my own team, except in rugby where I go for Scotland due to my heritage. To be honest though I went off England after linekar’s era as the later England line up seemed to me to act like they were owed it and had an arrogance I didn’t like.

This team, however, have come out playing their socks off, knowing they have to earn it, knowing there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”. Mr Southgate has a team that seem disciplined in the face of some really dodgy players (Colombia) and are hungry for victory. I am not a football buff, full of knowledge; I mean I used to go to Burnden Park to watch Bolton wanderers, this is just my ramblings about this World Cup.

I was gripped by the penalty shoot out, we don’t have a great history in that department. And yesterday they won outright. No extra time, no penalties (I don’t think my nerves could take another one of those!) and great goalkeeping. My husband and son in law were screaming at the tv when sterling(?) missed two open goals. I missed the first goal dealing with Oliver, but it was such a good atmosphere.

The streets were silent when the match was on. People who don’t watch football were watching. People were hugging strangers at the end. And this was so nice to see. Our country is so divided at the moment with Brexit, Trumps planned visit, the continued squeeze on incomes etc so it was so nice to see our country united on something. It was nice to see people happy and together. No barriers, everyone wanting the same outcome. (I say everyone knowing it’s not literally everyone)

Even if it doesn’t come home I think we can be proud of the England team. They’ve done so well and conducted themselves with dignity and humility. Now we wait to see what Wednesday brings. Up against Croatia I think which won’t be easy. Good luck England!

The biggest question remains though, which World Cup song is better? I believe it’s world in motion but my husband thinks it’s three lions (it’s coming home). Obviously I’m right πŸ˜‰