Is dual placement the way forward?

I didn’t even know it was an option until after last weeks meeting.

The meeting went as expected. I raised my concerns about the plans not being followed and then asked bluntly what they actually thought he was achieving and would he be able to achieve more in a more specialised environment. There was then the silence and mumbling until I asked “Do you see his future at mainstream”. Then the babble started “our job is to make sure….” blah blah blah. “I’m not interested in your goals. I’m interested if my son is getting the education he deserves”. Now I know I sound a bit of a pompous arse but I’m so tired of their goals, their boxes that need ticking and not my sons education and socialisation. He needs help to be whatever he wants to be. He can’t do rote learning in a classroom. He’s not being difficult. He can’t do it.

After the officials left I spoke to our senco. She said she’d check up on the plans in place, find a sign course and then mentioned dual placement. She is great. She ‘gets’ Sen kids but seems to have to drag the older teachers along with her. She wants the best for him too and is trying hard to provide it. She wondered if we’d considered dual placement and when we looked blankly at her decided we hadn’t. It would mean him going part time to school with his friends and teachers he knows and part time somewhere else, in a specialist school or unit. The benefit being we don’t take him away from all he knows in one go and also we can see which provision is going to suit him better. We don’t put all our eggs in one basket. This will be difficult to achieve with council cutbacks but I also know that if you cause enough fuss, and start annoying your councillors and mp regularly, you can get things done.

We have another meeting in a few weeks but I think this will be brought up by us and see how the land lies. If he does need to leave mainstream then at least he will have had time to make new relationships, it won’t be throwing him in at the deep end. We shall see what happens next.



  1. I hope it works out for him! I completely understand being frustrated with school staff when they talk about their goals and milestones, we DON’T care. Tell me about how any of this is benefitting my kid! Sorry, I get amped up because D is held to a higher standard than he’s ready for and it’s frustrating to see him struggle because the school wants to look good on paper.

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    • I went in two days before half term and had a meeting with the senco who has started the ball rolling. Hopefully it will be in place by September at the latest.
      Spoke to his form teacher who told me he isn’t getting the education he deserves due to the behaviour issues and although everyone is fond of him he deserves better. Thank god someone is honest.
      So we are going to try this and see where he leads. If it works then great but if he shows a preference for one then we will make that happen for him. It’s his choice at the end of the day. He’s not verbal but he will indicate by mood or his favourite word “no” and we will work with him. We can only try this. What he’s got at the moment doesn’t work. Where he leads, we will follow. It’s about Olly feeling safe, secure and confident. He’s so bright neither we nor his form tutor want to see that wasted.
      We don’t care about exams, we just want him to fulfill his potential. X

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