Vimto Bath

For her 3rd birthday, Popples got a baby bath and a doll that does a wee.   It was a present from her nana and granddad and was a big hit because it has a shower attachment that really works with a pump action tap.  The little ones both love it.  Yesterday Oliver decided there was not enough water in it so carried it to the kitchen sink in order to fill it up.  I let him put a bit more water in it, then told him it was enough and left him using the shower to squirt his face and his hair.  Leon and I were just in the next room gluing some skirting boards on- we don’t trust him enough to go very far when he is messing.  Heard the tap go on, so Leon went back and turned the taps off- he has a stronger grip than me so neither me nor Oliver had any chance of turning them back on.  That was him safe so we went back to the diy.

If I can make a suggestion to anyone planning on doing a quick job sticking bits of wood to walls don’t bother and go straight to screws.  It doesn’t dry quickly it is absolute bobbins.  We gave up and went to get more tools.  Leon checked on Oliver, and shouted me.  Our son had decided to get around the problem of not being allowed any more fluid for the bath by unscrewing a 2 litre bottle of Vimto cordial and pouring it into the baby bath.  He now had a delicious drinking fountain.  Leon saw the problem solving immediately, he’d been denied what he wanted so what could he use to achieve his aim, found it and used it and was happy with his accomplishment.  Popples was not so happy with a sticky dolls bath and I’m not quite as pleased as Leon about the situation.

Then the cheeky bugger asked for a drink and when I served him apple and blackcurrant as that was all that was left, acted like I was trying to make him drink poison.  Fortunately Vimto was still on for 2 pounds for a big bottle so daddy came in and saved the day!

Easter Sunday

So another adventure this evening!  We’d had a lovely day in the main, no major meltdowns, no fighting with the youngest 2 and a lovely Sunday dinner cooked by the husband.  Kids went to bed without too much hassle – Popples (aged 2) had finally had her bedroom babygate removed and was feeling very grown up so went to bed without her usual “I need more hugs” performance.

So while they were in bed we decided to sort out their DVD’s – putting them in the right boxes and getting rid of the scratched ones without them being fished out of the bin.  Then I heard a dripping noise and I knew it was not going to be good.  Sure enough I ran up the stairs to see the bathroom sink over flowing and the bath toys floating on the floor.  Yep our four year old had decided to get himself a drink of water and left the tap on!  He was sat in bed looking very happy with having got his own drink of water.

All the towels now in the washing machine, we’re hoping the plaster on the kitchen ceiling dries out but……..well he got his own drink!